Haz-Safe Building Disappears on Campus

12′ wide x 9′ high opening in outside wall leads to basement of university engineering facility.

First 7′ wide x 23′ long x 8′ 8″ high Haz-Safe Building module being craned from trailer to opening.

First module just inside opening and shoved over to farthest corner to make room for second module.

Crane outside opening lifts second 10′ wide x 23′ long x 8′ 8″ high module near opening. First module on left.

Forklift picks up some of load, while backing up, pulls second module in.

It’s a tight squeeze for second module. Blue taped foam covers sharp objects from cutting shrink wrap.

“Cover-up” to begin after double modules are bolted together using patented rod within tube hardware.

Opening is bricked, sealing in 18′ wide x 24′ long Haz-Safe inplant building. Scaffolding is for bricking of chimney.

Brick “fake” chimney hides Haz-Safe Building’s ducts that lead to dual exhaust fans on roof.

Finished building’s fire rated doors lead to (3) rooms accessible up a 13′ wide ramp with handrails.

Rooms separated with chain link walls. Baked-on porcelain enamel steel finish over fire rated gypsum on exterior walls.

Room as utilized by Engineering Department is protected with Inergen and sprinkler fire suppression systems.