Advantages of Haz-Safe Buildings’ patented modular concepts and manufacturing know-how contribute greatly to small scale/batch commercial and industrial plants. Typical chemical plant applications for Haz-Safe buildings are in polymer, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, power, oil and other refineries, natural gas, biochemical, water and wastewater treatment, and pollution control equipment.

Haz-Safe structures are perfect for laboratories, pilot, test or demonstration units seeking design and operating information or research reactions or chemical principles in “batch-type” before construction of larger facilities. Haz-Safe enclosures are on site first and are expanded for production or replacement, augmentation or to strengthen specific areas in or next to existing plants, especially when safety and environmental constraints apply, in regard to hazardous material releases and spills compounded with fire and explosion threats.

Haz-safe patented bolt up rods are hidden inside the structural tubular frame both horizontally and vertically so that the exterior and interior surfaces are clear and free from unsightly exposed flanges, nuts and bolts.

Haz-Safe Buildings’ Crown and Cradle™ tubular steel construction with patented rod within a tube bolt-up method (above graphic and upper right photos) provides unlimited capabilities in modular building “blocks” for fire and blast rated facilities in liquid chemical process and manufacturing plants.

Photo above (upper left) shows 24′ wide x 50′ long x 24′ high process tank farm facility manufactured in Sarver, PA and shipped in four modules to user’s prepared foundation. Fifth module was an integrated air lock entrance (shown behind forklift). This could just as well have been a facility assembled from six 14′ wide x 60′ long x 10′ high modular building blocks, as shown in graphic on right. Two stacks of three high modular blocks are separated (e) and filled in between with back and front spanner wall sections (f and g), creating a 60′ deep x 70′ long x 30′ high facility with an atrium “process” area capped with roof spanner panels. There is unlimited capability in Haz-Safe Building’s patented modular building “blocks”.


  • Flexibility in expandability and relocation.
  • Manufacturing off site in parallel to the approval process.
  • Process and utility equipment can be installed and factory tested.
  • Clean, controlled factory environment for consistent quality and faster implementation.