Typical Haz-Safe Two Story Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

DAY ONE: First module already on user’s foundation is about to be joined by second module hanging from crane.

Haz-Safe installation crew is tightening up 1″ nuts on ends of rods within patented bolt-up tubes under sump floor.

“Fifth” air lock module is being craned into position where blue shrink wrap is removed on second module.

DAY TWO: User’s process tank arrived. Green mixer motor was attached on top before tank was placed in building.

As seen from roof of user’s existing facility, there are (3) process tanks ready to be interconnected

Fourth module being lifted next to third module and over patented aligning sleeves atop wall’s vertical bolt-up tubes.

DAY THREE: 12′ wide x 35′ long Haz-Safe Building arrived on its side because it was too tall at 16′ high to ship upright. Crane turned Storage Building on its base and sat it on user’s second pad to left of Modular Tank Farm building. 36 pallets with 144 55 gal.drums with chemicals for processing shall be on racks behind (4) 13′ 4″wide x 12′ high motorized overhead roll-up doors installed per patented method

User’s finished product leaves Tank Farm via pipe connections at upper corner of end wall and enters main facility for packaging. Box in foreground on air lock module wall is a gas electric generator for standby power for dual fan Posi-Ventilation systems of both buildings.