Typical Haz-Safe Triple Story / Chemical Processing Plant

15′ wide x 49′ long x 10′ high lower level module has been placed on user’s concrete pylon foundation.

Tractor/trailer had to back up equivalent of (2) city blocks so blue shrink wrapped second module could be under crane.

Damaged exhaust fan was replaced. Each room has 6-1/2 continuous air exchanges per hour. Emergency rooftop fans provide 60 air changes.

Topless mid-level module with sump floor to be placed on lower module with its own sump and finished ceiling enclosing 14′ wide x 48′ long x 8′ high chemical storage room.

Door access (1) of (2) 14′ wide x 24′ long x 18′ tall process rooms.

(1) of several patented aligning sleeves ready for vertical bolt-up 1″ dia. rods.

Bottomless top or third module, with temporary floor and covers for missing relief panels, is being craned over mid module.

Perfect fit from one module to the other is especially important with extending exhaust ducts.

Triple module, 4-hour, and 215 lb. blast rated stacked Haz-Safe Building’s processing plant.

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