Modular Construction Protected by Cradle and Crown™ Method

See an example of the strength and durability of the Protected Cradle & Crown™ Construction

Haz-Safe’s Protected Cradle and Crown Construction is a method of utilizing tubular steel bands around the perimeter of the cradle (base) and the crown (roof) with structural steel members filling in the support for the floor, walls and roof and then clad with heavy steel plate. The result is a very strong, continuously welded utilized structure that can out-perform other types of conventional construction and is the foundation of any modular Haz-safe Buildings manufacturing for pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum manufacturing facilities.

Haz-Safe’s robust steel buildings and modules when complete (even with concrete floors) can accommodate architectural finishes, utilities, process piping and equipment, all factory installed before units are transported to the final work site. Equipment installed within modules are placed in their final operation location and will not require reassembly or extensive re-testing. Entire systems can be assembled and pre-qualified under controlled workshop conditions. Once on site, individual buildings or multi-modules can be safety crane lifted and bolted in place. Protected Cradle and Crown construction is emphasized every time a Haz-Safe building or modules are lifted into place.

Top: Typical crane lifting situation where a Haz-Safe paint dispensing module is being placed on the top level of a naval shipyard facility. Floor of building is strong enough to be lifted or non-supported underneath even when it is loaded with user’s products.

Bottom: Same module hanging seven stories up and is about to be maneuvered onto its resting place.