“Bullet proof” is popular tag that needs to be defined. Using the known caliber of a bullet a wall can be designed and tested to stop any slug. In industrial applications it is possible to approximate projectiles that may be parts of an exploded metal component under testing and make comparisons to known caliber of bullets so as to design a protection/barrier wall system. Various thicknesses of fiberglass panels have been pre-tested by certified laboratories per UL-752 protocol and graded as to what particular Level Grade from 1 up depending on the size of bullet that has been successfully stopped.

Larger objects than bullets are also projectiles and need to be stopped such as the breaking apart of spinning components or exploding cylinders, etc. There could also be a pressure wave and or the object could be heavy and propelled such that it will hit with tremendous force that will require the armored walls to be blast rated. Haz-safe Buildings has combined materials to construct a wall enclosure system that incorporates various (A) thicknesses of “bullet Proof” fiberglass panels, (B) within a tubular steel framed wall, (C) clad with continuously welded 10 gauge steel in the form of pre-manufactured wall assemblies that can be shipped to the job site and installed (utilizing patented bolt up technology) in one or two days around the area where the testing and industrial process are taking place.