Behind overhead steel pipe supports is a beige painted Haz-Safe “Floorless” modular building. There are two modules bolted together sitting on user’s 5′ steel reinforced concrete curb, which is a containment sump. Inside the building are large oil tanks, lots of plumbing, pumps, ect. The sump is sized to catch a combination of the largest tank spillage and 30 minutes of fire suppression sprinkler discharge water. Below is a graphic simplification of how a Haz-Safe “floorless” building “bolts” together using patented hardware…

Fire Tested and FM Approved Fire Rated Construction Exclusive

Haz-Safe Buildings’ proven approach to custom engineered pre-manufactured rooms, enclosures and buildings provide superior fire rated performance as well as practical operation and aesthetic considerations (see Porcelain Enamel Steel Finish).

Several U.L. tested methods are dependent on type of wall construction materials (wood or steel studs, etc.).

Haz-Safe’s fire tested gypsum board on horizontal furring on tubular steel vertical wall members is Factory Mutual (FM) approved up to 16′ high and is protected by U.S. Patent Number 7,934,349 B1.