Hot Box (+250°F) with a self-contained steam boiler and an air heating exchanger (see arrow) with roof top fans.

Same building at user site with only the back half sticking out of existing facility’s wall.

The front half is on inside of facility.

Hot box, R-30 insulated, non-rated doors open exposing four pallets, each with four 55 gallon drums. 3 HRFR drop down shutters are mounted inside above door frames to close and protect opening during a fire

Upper part of left open door reveals leading tubular edge of second level pallet rack, white insulated steam pipes connect to fan forced heat exchanger and gray box over R-30 non-rated back door is a 3 HRFR drop down shutter.

Temperature readouts are 1.) air intake, 2.) air after exchanger, 3.) exhaust before exchanger, and 4.) air before exhaust fan.

Fire Rating a Non-Rated Super-Insulated Door

Inside hot box photo above shows an open 5′ wide x 8′ high non-rated super-insulated R-30 door. The room is 6′ wide x 10′ deep x 9′ high. Over the top of the door is the hood housing the roll-up slats of a 3 hour fire rated drop-down shutter (see close up photo above right).

A fusible link will release door to drop, protecting the opening during a fire. Photo on right shows same building with a hot room (212° F) on the right and a freezer room (14° F) on the left, side-by-side in the same structure. Walls, floor and roof are R-30 insulated. Open the door, and a 4′ wide x 8′ deep roller will accommodate (2) pallets or tote tanks front-to-back.