Exclusive Fit and Finish Haz-Safe Building Interior

Notice the mirror-like finish showing an explosion proof light fixture's reflection on the beige colored porcelain enamel finished steel ceiling. Close-up of interior corner of room showing extruded aluminum trim detail for the base and opening bars (around vents and doors). "Flat bar" over joint where white porcelain enamel panels join, and corner trim bar in place.

Haz Safe Steel Buildings is one of the foremost installers of porcelain-on-steel-on-gypsum panels for fabricating walls since 1965. Haz Safe has assembled thousands of demountable partitions in new and existing facilities using only porcelain-on-steel-on-gypsum board as well as thousands of pre-manufactured steel buildings, almost all with interiors finished in porcelain-on-steel-on-gypsum board and more important, not one (1) individual panel/board has ever been requested by the user for replacement within or out of warranty! Haz Safe Steel Buildings are used in 10 count clean rooms, laboratories, inplant offices and mezzanines, crane cabs, motor and power control rooms, as well as process/manufacturing control rooms, even in rough environments of steel mills and ocean oil rigs. Haz Safe has done porcelain walls in schools (vandal and graffiti resistant and surfaces can be marked on using dry-markers), in hospitals (no place for disease and odor forming bacteria to hide and multiply), and food processing plants (vermin and rodent proof, no cracks, crevices or pores where bacteria can nest). Again, not one (1) request to replace a single panel.


Because porcelain is the most permanent color finish available on metal, it is impervious to aging, industrial pollution and weathering, and it never needs refinishing. CID's porcelain-on-steel-on-1/2" or 5/8" thick common gypsum board has high impact resistance, and some say it is indestructible. It is stain proof, non-porous and non-absorbent, highly resistant to most acids; it has a rating of Class A or better when testing according to PE 1 T-21 (ASTM C-283). Porcelain finished steel resists getting dirty and is easily cleaned; is self cleaning when hosed down.

Haz-Safe Buildings' (Division of Precision, LLC) enthusiasm for porcelain-on-steel-on-3/4" thick Ultracode Core 2 HRFR gypsum board, in addition to Haz Safe's reasons above, are as follows:

a. Lighting - White porcelain finished steel interior walls reflect the light from explosion proof light fixtures to multiply the lighting in every part of the space. (See photos below at bottom of page.) Even manufacturers of explosion proof light fixtures such as Appleton's ELS Series Emergency Lighting System (see page 19, www.appletonelec.com) have white porcelain enamel steel fixture reflectors. One can expect a minimum tested reflectance of 90 percent or more! Important? Yes, because fire suppression systems, by code, have to have the nozzles and piping in the center of the ceiling. Light fixtures have a lesser priority and are installed where their effectiveness is greatly reduced. White porcelain enamel walls will disperse the light throughout the room, not just where the fixtures end up.

b. Blast and Fire Resistance - White porcelain (ceramic) material reflects radiant heat rays from flames for the protection of the steel protecting the fire rated gypsum, adding to the time of the fire rating of the walls. Keep in mind that porcelain/ceramics are used every day as a part of spark plugs within combustion chambers and catalytic converters where gasoline "explosions" and hot gases are constant.

c. Damage Resistant - Steel sheet laminated to 3/4" thick gypsum creates a panel that exceeds 250 lbs. per square foot U.S. Gypsum Hard Body Test (simulates a sledge hammer slamming into a 2' square section).

d. Aesthetic Considerations - Each Haz-Safe Building's interior has the clean antiseptic appearance of a hospital, laboratory or clean room.

e. Best Industry Warranty - Fifteen (15) years. You will never have to maintenance paint the interior walls and ceiling of a Haz-Safe Building.

The process to achieve Porcelain Enamel Finished Steel:

(1) Pre-cleaned, blemish free, 22 gauge thick, cold-rolled sheet steel manufactured to Haz-Safe Building's specifications is inspected and fed into chemical washer. (2) Sheets are chemically washed, rinsed, dried and are again inspected. (3) A specially formulated ground coat slip containing cobalt to promote fusion with steel is applied to both sides of the sheet. (4) Sheets pass through furnace where electronically controlled firing zones bring steel to softening point so that the cobalt ground coat can be directly fused to the steel.
(5) A proprietary compound of powdered glass opacifiers, and colorants is uniformly sprayed on the sheet to become the cover coat. (6) The cover coat furnace up to 1450° F fuses the finish coat to the cobalt ground coat. Sheets reenter furnace twice for color coatings. (7) Sheets pass through a specially designed temperature reduction chamber to assure controlled cooling which maintains the flatness of the sheet. (8) Sheets are given a final inspection being bonded to fire rated gypsum panels.
The Finished Porcelain Enamel Steel

Custom Aluminum Bar Trim

The porcelain steel clad gypsum panels are secured to the walls' horizontal 7/8' deep furring with exposed drywall screws every 12" in one direction and 24" in the other, according to U.L. design standard fastening pattern. All screws provide for visual inspection as well as the ability for removal, reinstallation and replacement after interior of the wall has been inspected. Screw heads across the panels' surface are covered with color matched snap-on plastic caps. Cracks in seams, joints and corners are filled in with fire rated caulk. Finally, extruded aluminum trim detail bar is utilized to cover all seams, joints and corners. There is a 3" wide "flat" bar, a bi-directional corner bar and a 2-1/4" high base/openings bar, each with a concave back surface and a 97° angle (inside corner bar) allowing only the outer sharp edge of the bar to contact the surfaces of adjoining panels, providing a hairline tight fit on the following typical installation cross sections:

The above photos show two different views of the same interior of a Haz-Safe Building utilized for the processing of a pharmaceutical product. Note how the light reflects off the porcelain enamel steel finished walls (that are 24' high), as compared to the "shiny" aluminum grated floor or the "shiny" stainless steel tanks. In addition to the ceiling light fixtures, the photo was taken with the "pop up" flash of a 35mm camera. Also, look at how the reflective shields of the light fixtures prevent direct light from reaching the ceiling, but the ceiling is still brighter then the "shiny" aluminum floor or stainless tanks.