Latest Haz-Safe Buildings with Energy Saving Air Temperature Exchangers

Upper left photo has air cooling exchanger (see arrow) on left side of wall mounted air conditioner. Roof top exhaust fan #1 runs continuously, and fan #2 is for emergency back-up with alarms. Upper right: A.) Uninsulated (smaller diameter) air intake duct directs unconditioned fresh air into exchanger. The air passes though sealed aluminum chambers and is pre-cooled and partially dehumidified (building shipped to tropical Singapore) before B.) entering the A/C unit through insulated duct. Cold air exhausted out of the building C.) enters into the exchanger and loses its cool, then 4.) leaves the exchanger through duct routed up to roof top exhaust fan. Middle photo below shows hot box (+250°F) with a self-contained steam boiler and an air heating exchanger (see arrow) with roof top fans. Photo to the left is same building at user site with only the back half sticking out of existing facility’s wall. The front half is (photo on right) on inside of facility.

Hot box, R-30 insulated, non-rated doors open exposing four pallets, each with four 55 gallon drums. 3 HRFR drop down shutters are mounted inside above door frames to close and protect opening during a fire.

Upper part of left open door reveals leading tubular edge of second level pallet rack, white insulated steam pipes connect to fan forced heat exchanger and gray box over R-30 non-rated back door is a 3 HRFR drop down shutter.

Temperature readouts are 1.) air intake, 2.) air after exchanger, 3.) exhaust before exchanger, and 4.) air before exhaust fan.