Fire, Blast, Sound and Super Insulated Doors

Hazmat Building doors are required to be a minimum of either 1-1/2 or 3 hour fire rated construction. In truth, most door companies have tested and passed for 3 hours and offer the same door labeled with 1-1/2 or 3 hour labels depending on what the specification calls for. The 1-1/2 hourly rated doors are specified for 1 and 2 hour fire rated buildings and 3 hour fire rated doors are for 4 hour fire rated buildings. There are common fire only rated doors and then there are combination fire and ever increasing pounds per square foot blast rated doors which have upgrades for sound ratings.

Common Fire Rated Doors

Common fire rated doors are equipped with doorknobs/latches, keyed cylindrical lock sets ,(3) ball bearing hinges and  not blast rated. They can be equipped with low profile panic hardware, closures with fusible link release hold open device, manual or automatic operated coordination door-closing device and automatic gravity operated coordinating door closing device.

Haz-safe’s Standard Blast, Fire and Sound Rated Doors

Pictured above an explosion during Factory Mutual testing of explosion relief panels. Clicking the picture turns on a video of the test. But don’t pay attention to the panels. Watch what happens to the fire rated only door on the right. The door cannot stay closed even when the relief panels are reducing the blast pressure in the room. This is dangerous for a worker to approach the door just before the blast. Repeat the video and concentrate on the left to see a large piece of plywood fly up at the camera.

What the narrator in this video fails to mention anything about all Haz-safe door’s rough opening are fabricated with continuously welded ¼” thick tubular steel so these doors are installed without a duplicating door frame. He does mention that (a) the doors are fire and 180 lbs.sq.ft. blast rated door, (b) have a  continuous (full height of the door) hinge and locking channel eliminate the need for vertical top and bottom vertical securing rods, (c)  double door coordinators and (d) no projecting hinge knuckles.

Custom Blast Rated Doors

When there is a need for high security, the explosion proof doors pictured below are custom designed to provide the amount of blast rating required. The doors are inherently fire rated with high acoustical capabilities. The doors have as a minimum 14 gauge frames and skins and are equipped with stainless steel cam operating self-closing hinges very capable of compressing rubber seals. Many optional features are available.