Fire Suppression and Alarm Systems

Unless the hazmat building is more than 75′ away from other site facilities, parking lots, property lines, etc., most codes require fire suppression systems. Pre-manufactured hazmat buildings have dry chemical fire suppression because of lowest overall cost. Water sprinkler system is the next frequently specified system because most fire authorities say, “When a chemical type fire suppression runs out of its agent and the fire is not yet out, what do you have left to put it out?” A sprinkler system just keeps pouring it on until manual shut off. But, the total amount of water is to be contained along with any spilled chemical that didn’t burn off. This could require buildings with very deep sumps and/or drainage to some sort of “catch” outside the hazmat building. There are also halon substitute systems such as CO2, Inergen, FM 200 and others that are many times more expensive than dry chemical systems. Some workers can breath the dispensed fire fighting gas without permanent harmful effects but some agents are very harmful, resulting in death.

Dry Chemical Systems

Basic dry chemical system with red agent tank and control head up off floor out of harm’s way.

Dry chemical red agent tank outside of building in a protective weatherproof box.

Ceiling mounted piping for fusible link heat detector and water discharge heads in a refrigerant building.

Water Sprinkler Systems

Water sprinkler piping coming into building at mid-wall and extending up to ceiling to several discharge heads.

Both water sprinkler piping (lower on right) and Ansul’s Inergen fire suppression piping on ceiling of several rooms – same building.

Inergen Suppression Systems

Inergen fire suppression tanks on the end of a two-room outdoor building.

Indoor two module, four-room building with Inergen fire suppression tank on one end of building.

Alarms, Enclosures and Controls

Available flame (shown), heat and smoke detectors and seperate fire alarm systems.

Roof-top fire, fan malfunction,intrusion security and gas detection alarm strobes.

Opened fire alarm, control and electrical boxes – all custom wired and interconnected.

Protective Enclosure

Custom enclosure with aluminum overhead roll-up door protecting all alarm and control, fire suppression and electrical boxes.

Open end view at joint of modular half of protective enclosure.