One and Two Hour Fire Rated Safety Cabinets


FrameContinuously welded 2″ square x 3/16″ wall steel tube.
Double Wall10 gauge painted steel plate continuously welded outside. Inside 22 gauge porcelain enameled finished sheet steel bonded to 1/2″ or 3/4″ thick fire rated gypsum. 3-3/8″ or 3-5/18″ between inner and outer wall surfaces.

Weather proof and insulated with 2″ thick Thermax foam board with an R-value of 14.4.

Fire Rate Options: Against an inside only 2000°F fire threat are 1/2″ thick X=type gypsum 1 hour or 3/4″ thick Ultracode Core gypsum 2 hour (3-1/4″). Bi-directional threat available against both an inside and outside 2000 F fire threat with 1 hour( 5-1/8″) and 2 hour (5-5/8″).

Sump FloorTwo component epoxy coated 10 gauge flat steel plate (hydro-tested) with standard 4″ deep capacity. Standard painted steel grate elevated flooring even with door threshold.
Fork LiftablePair of 4″ high x 10″ wide fork lifting tubes open front to back under sump floor.
DoorContinuous top to bottom latching channel that cocks at an angle when open and snaps shut to eliminate vertical rods, three point latching and flush bolts. Continuous concealed hinge eliminates projecting hinge knuckles. Lever operation works with any standard cam mortise locking cylinder. 1-1/2 hour fire rated.


  • Cabinet, sump depth, and door opening dimensions.
  • Fire rated vent openings with fusible link closure.
  • Integrated nesting of floor and roof for safe stacking capability (standard construction allows for stacking up to four high).
  • Adjustable leveling feet.
  • Shelving
  • Self-closing device on door in event of fire.
  • PVC removable/replaceable sump liner, stainless steel sump floor, fiberglass, galvanized and stainless steel grating, patented sloped sump floor, with or without sloped trench, drain pit with or without exterior mounted under the sump floor recessed drain pipe and hand operated drain valve.

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