13′ 4″ wide, 4 HRFR motorized door. Double sloped sump floor & trench raises threshold height up to 4″.

Crane hoist removes flooring during spill cleanups.

Forklift entering refrigerated building up steel ramp with a grated floor. Pallet loads are stored 3 deep, 2 high and 2 wide per each 9′ wide door.

Warehouse building with steel canopy roof. Forklift enters 9′ wide door to stack pallets or tote tanks on racks up to 3 high.

Floor Plan Layout depends on building use, such as in storage of 55 gallon drums. A 55 gallon drum fits within a 24″ grid system design™. A “Pack ‘um In” plan (not shown) requires many doors along front wall to facilitate hauling out each drum for inspection or crawling over the drum tops to read labels and check for leaks (procedures which threaten workers’ backs and knee caps). “Free and Clear Access” plan works better (see Plans #3 through #6) with an aisle to reach all drums. The six plans on the right are each for storing a minimum of 48 drums. Plans #1, #2, #3 and #6 show second tier of stacked drums. Material handling determines the different sizes of the plans shown. Plans #1 and #2 are for pallets or tote tanks handled by forklifts through overhead rollup doors. Plan #3 is for individual drums, and Plan #6 is for pallets to be handled by a crane hoist. Plans #4 and #5 are for man handling individual drums with a push truck or dolly which may require a ramp to get into the building.

Overhead Rollup Fire Rated Doors are 5′ wide for one pallet, 9′ wide for two pallets side-by-side, and 13′ 4″ for three pallets side-by-side with 4″ of maneuvering room between pallets and door jambs. Door heights are dependent upon stacking requirements. FR overhead doors are up to 24′ wide x 16′ high whereas maximum FR swing door leaf is 4′ wide x 8′ high. Overhead doors will not swing in the way so as to be banged into, and there are less doors to open, close, lock, unlock and alarm. Patented Haz-Safe rollup door installation gives rollup hood a “built in” appearance and allows moisture drainage out sill and not into building sump floor. Plan #2 allows forklift inside free from the weather outside.

Crane Hoist System, suspended from the ceiling, is the safest method (no bending, lifting, or reaching) for maneuvering drum or pallet loads over a floor to store, dispense, or stack inside building. The crane hoist can be utilized to remove the contents and flooring out of the way for quick spill clean ups in an emergency. Telescoping bridge beam available for hoist to extend out of open door. Stacking drums or pallets can reduce the square foot of the building floor plan.