Stan Phillips, V.P. Manufacturing, demonstrates strength of tubular steel building skeleton using crane hoist and pallet grab for stacking pallet loads or tote tanks. Takes advantage of vertical space for reducing building size.

10′ high x 8′ square interior holds (10) 55 gal. drums on each level. Shelf support steel is out of way for quick floor plate and grate removal during clean-ups. Crane “I” beams are bolted to support steel behind fire rated gypsum.

Hanging cylinder caddy with floor grate removal made easy because rack support is angled to wall.

Crane Hoist can be utilized to remove and replace elevated floor sections for maintenance and emergency spill clean-ups of the sub-sump floor.

U.S. Army Mustard Gas Thaw “box” with ton container being raised on a leaker handling station.

Crane hoist and drum dolly make work safer and more productive. Chain link fence and sump walls divide bays serviced by single crane hoist, fan, fire suppression and HVAC.